Welcome to the Digital Gallery Information Page

We are very excited about our special offering of Digital Galleries to our customers. The technological advances in the past few years have been astonishing and we are now making use of some of them.

Many people and businesses are now either using or considering flat-screen monitors for information dissemination. Some individuals are even using monitors to display digital representations of works of art in their homes instead of paintings hanging on their walls. The advantages of digitally displayed artwork, for those that choose to present it that way, are varied.

An Art Gallery owner can display a slide show of the traditional artwork they have to offer their customers or they could show digital examples of the works of a featured artist being exhibited that week in their storefront windows.

In private homes and in some offices, people are using digital displays to present artworks to their guests or clients and have the ability to change the images shown to change the look of an office or room for a certain time period.

We offer our clients the choice of buying either canvas artwork or digital representations of that artwork.

Digital Galleries are easy to purchase.

The following pages provide a detailed guide for selecting and ordering the digital format from our catalogue of images.

You can select individual images from any of our galleries or you can select to have an entire gallery in digital format. You can even buy our entire catalogue in digital format!

Pricing for Digital Images is based on the number of images selected and is shown below in Euros.

 1 to 12 images (64Mb): 180€            13-25 images (128Mb): 250€
  26–51 images (256Mb): 357€          52-102 images (512Mb): 612€
  103-200 images (1Gb): 1000€           201-400 images (2Gb): 1600€
  401-800 images (4Gb): 2000€         801-1600 images (8Gb): 2400€
1601-All images (16Gb): 3000€

  All images selected are then transferred to a USB Thumb Drive and shipped with a document identifying what images are on it.

Digital Image Selections are shipped in a Beautiful Wooden Drive Case with the Thumb Drive inside. The Thumb Drive has encased in a matching wooden sleeve with a removable top and the shipping is free for all digital orders.

Since the images on the USB Thumb Drive can only be used on one device at a time, clients wanting to display their digital artworks on several devices will need to place separate orders for each USB Thumb Drive.

There is no limit to the number of images you can order to be placed on a USB Thumb Drive. We automatically select the USB Thumb Drive with the appropriate storage space for the images ordered.

Images selected to be placed on a USB Thumb Drive can be from any mix of galleries the client chooses (except the Originals Gallery of course).

The images on the USB Thumb Drive can be displayed singly or as a slideshow. They can be viewed on any electronic display device with a USB port and are automatically sized to fit the device used.

How to order digital images:

  1. Go through the galleries and keep track of the IDs of the images you want.
  2. If you like all the images in a specific gallery, just keep track of the gallery name.
  3.  When you have finished going through the galleries you are interested in just send us an email with the image IDs and/or gallery names you want. (our email is in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the menu selection     ‘About Us’).
  4. We will calculate the number of images chosen and will automatically determine the size of the Thumb Drive required.
  5. We will email you with the total price listing all the images and/or galleries you have chosen and request that you confirm your order.
  6. Once you have sent an email confirming your order we will send you the bank transfer information for payment of the order.
  7. When the funds transfer has been verified, we will send you an email to let you know your order has been shipped.
  8. All digital orders are priority shipped via courier service worldwide.

Enjoy your Digital Gallery experience!

Keep checking our ‘Digital Gallery Page’ for information regarding the progress on our new fully-automated on-line digital image service, which we are currently in the process of designing and testing.